Frequently Asked Questions

Will I bruise from my anti-wrinkle or filler treatment?
The L8NBS practitioners are fully qualified and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new treatments and techniques, ensuring the best results through the least invasive ways. In spite of this, bruising can still happen. The face and body are made up of thousands of arteries and veins underneath the surface of the skin, which makes knowing exactly where they are, virtually impossible, as every individual’s anatomy slightly varies.

Sometimes bruising can not be avoided, but our practitioners at the Late Night Beauty Salon will do everything in our power to prevent this. There are ways in which our clients can assist in preventing bruising, through changes in lifestyle choices. These changes should be done before, and after we administer their treatments.

Please see below steps you can take to help prevent bruising:

* Anica
Anica is a plant used as a homeopath treatment, specifically for the care of bruising, focusing on the reduction of pain, swelling and discolouration. Anica can come in small pallets – which are to be taken 4 hours before and after treatment, by dissolving 2 tablets under the tongue and repeat every 4-6 hours, until symptoms are relieved.
Anica also comes in a cream, which should be applied on and around the treated area, three times a day.
* Cold press
Directly after treatment, patient should apply a cold press.
* Alcohol
The consumption of alcohol should be avoided 48 hours before and after treatment takes place.
* Caffeine
The consumption of drinks containing caffeine such as coffee and teas, should be avoided 48 hours before and after treatment takes place.
* Exercise/Sun Bed/Sun Bathing/Sauna
Exercise, sun bed/sun bathing and the sauna should be avoided for at least 48 hours before and after treatment takes place.
* Water
Increase water intake before and after treatment.

In light of the above, if you are getting ready for an event, we suggest doing your anti-wrinkle/filler treatments 2 weeks minimum before, just to allow the face to settle from any potential bruising and/ swelling before your big day.

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Do eyelash extensions hurt?
Eyelash extensions do not hurt. When having your lashes done, the process can be uncomfortable but not painful.
Do eyelash extensions fall out?
Eyelash extensions fall out for several different reasons, such as aftercare, hormonal changes and natural shedding. Losing 2 false lashes each day is a normal shedding process.
Do eyelash extensions ruin your lashes?
Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural eyelashes when they are applied properly. To prevent damage to the natural lashes, lash extensions should are applied correctly to one natural eyelash at a time.
Do eyelash extensions grow out?
Yes. Since each lash extensions are attached to a single natural eyelash, they will fall out naturally. This is due to the natural growth cycle; therefore, an in-fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks!
Do you wash eyelash extensions?
Yes! Keeping lash extensions clean is the key to long lasting retention and healthy natural lashes. Lash extensions should be washed daily using L8NBS eyelash foam cleanser and brush. Read more on eyelash extension aftercare.
How do you remove eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions need to be removed by a trained lash tech using an eyelash extension remover. A correct and safe removal will mean there’s no damage to the natural lashes.
What are Volume Lashes made from?
They are made from synthetic man-made fibers.
What are Volume lashes?
Russian lashes are very fine individual lashes that are fanned out into a small group of lashes, usually 3 to 10 they are then glued to the client’s individual lashes.
What are classic lashes made from?
Our classic lashes are made from a mink fibre.
Do you offer eyelash training?
Yes we offer eyelash training. You can learn lashes, we teach classic, hybrid and volume semi permanent eyelash extensions.
How can I sign up to an eyelash training course?
To sign up for a course send an email to
How can I prepare for my Eyelash appointment?
To prepare for your appointment, remove your makeup, avoid oily creams around your eyes, remove your contact lenses.
Do I need a patch test?
We advise you to have a patch test 24 hours prior to having your eyelash extensions or lash lift.
How do I prepare for my wax?
Is my skin supposed to be red after a wax?