Classic £69
Classic Wispy £74
Hybrid £74
Hybrid Wispy £80
Volume £74
Volume Wispy £80
Mega-Volume £80
Mega-Volume Wispy £86
Classic Infill from £45
Classic Wispy Infill £57
Hybrid Infill £50
Hybrid Wispy Infill £57
Volume Infill £50
Volume Wispy Infill £57
Mega-Volume Infill £57
Mega-Volume Wispy Infill £64
Lash Removal For New Set £10
Lash Removal £15



What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are when a synthetic lash is meticulously and carefully attached to your own natural lash, usually to extend the length and/ thicken the appearance.


How long do lash extensions last?
Lash extensions can last up to a month if the correct aftercare is followed (please see below). In saying this, we do advise infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking in top form.


What lashes should I get?
We have 4 main types of lashes: classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume. Please see below the description for each of them.


Classic Lashes
Treatment involves applying one synthetic lash extension onto every individual natural lash, creating our most natural look. The classic lashes treatment is used to achieve results that resemble a really good mascara which elongated and thickens lashes.
lashes eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The hybrid lash extension is a combination between classic and volume. By applying one synthetic lash to one natural lash, as well as applying a handmade synthetic volume fan to one natural lash gives a textured lash extension look, making them more voluminous than the classic lashes, but yet still natural looking.


Volume eyelash extensions are more of a glamorous look. The technique involves attaching fine lashes crafted into a fan, to individual natural eyelashes.
Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Volume Wispy Lash Extensions

Ultra glam style using longer length eyelashes. Fine lashes are crafted into a fan and applied to individual eyelash using the mega-volume technique.
Eyelash Extensions

Mega-Volume Lash Extensions

All 4 styles of eyelash extensions (classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume) can be done in a wispy affect. Wispy refers to lashes which are long and fluffy and this is achieved through combining shorter lashes and longer lashes to create a fine and feather-like finish.


In order for a lash appointment to be considered as an infill, the client must have atleast 40% retention of the full set. If in doubt, please book a full set so we can have enough time to fill in the lashes that have been lost/grown out.
Infill Advice: 2-3 weeks after full-set appointment.
Lashes under 40% and over 3 weeks will incur an additional charge as the time slot for this will exceed 90minutes.
Please note: we do not do infills on full sets done by another salon. Infill appointments are for existing clients only.


How long will my eyelash extension appointment take?
A full set of extensions usually takes 2 hours, with additional time needed if the client wants a wispy affect.
Infills are usually 90minutes, but can exceed this if the client wants a wispy affect. Sometimes infills require more of a longer time, as the client has less than the required 40% retention of the full set, if this is the case, there will be an additional charge.


* Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24hours. (Includes face steam/sauna/hot baths)
* Gently brush your lashes daily with a lash brush.
* Wash your eyelashes daily with L8NBS Foam Cleanser, you can purchase yours in store or online here.
* Do not rub your lash line or pull on your lashes.
* Do not use eye curlers mascara or lash strips.
* Avoid oil based makeup or creams (replace with water based).
* Avoid sleeping facedown.
* Do not try and remove your lashes yourself. Visit L8NBS for a professional removal.
* Maintain with regular eyelash infills every 2-3 weeks.
Remember extensions can last months with regular eyelash infills to replace those who are over grown and fallen out. Daily shedding is normal, follow the aftercare steps to ensure your eyelashes last as long as possible.
For more photos and to see other lash styles, please visit our Instagram: @l8nbs